Let’s Make Customers Matter

Insurance customers face a tough choice. Direct to Consumer or Independent Broker. There is a better alternative when we work together.

Why Partner with Awywi?

Partnering with Awywi Insurance Brokers will supercharge your new customer acquisition AND lower your policy administration costs.

Customer Acquisition

The industry has watched the independent agent/broker channel slowly bleed to death. Direct to consumer pricing continues to attract customers in larger numbers. We offer a lower price point than Direct or Agency models that can speak to today’s customers.

Lower Policy Administration Costs

We’ll lower your administration costs by providing you with an automated platform that handles the policy administration tasks. Book a demo with us today!

Profitable Lines of Business

Not surprisingly, we target lines of business that are costly to administer between broker and insurer – where we shine! Another commonality is that they all have good loss ratios. We’re different because our compensation isn’t based on retail commission. We win when customers save and when insurers are profitable.

Feed Your Appetite

We can tailor your products to fit customer profiles that will allow those within your target segments to find your quotes fast. Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how.

Zero Onboarding Costs

If you want to supercharge your SME commercial insurance, you get your products into production ASAP. Fully automated quote, purchase, change, renewal. No charge, ‘cuz that’s what we do!
If you have a low production product or any product that is outside of our current set of products, contact us and we can discuss your situation.

Maximum Velocity to Market

All of our products are version controlled and our partners can create new versions without affecting policies on the existing schema. In fact, if you have new products that haven’t been tried, we’re great for that, too.

Cross Selling Opportunities

Our unique insurance architecture allows for one shared information collection for customer convenience. Multiple distinct coverages, even with different insurers can be all issued in a single policy document.

Commercial Group Insurance

We are great with commercial groups. Want quick growth? So do our commercial groups, which is why we have group features that can’t be found anywhere else. We help our commercial groups grow while offering their members the best choice of insurers with the best savings available anywhere.

Our commercial group programs are tailored to specific group needs. Now groups don’t have to shop for multiple coverages from different sources. We can cast a broader net for a better fit for the whole group.

Of course, every group gets all the best that Awywi has to offer including instant quotes, purchase, download, changes and renewals at the best prices anywhere.

Let’s Talk

About Us

We believe in customer first insurance designed from the ground up for what is most important to customers.

If you are an insurer considering a direct to customer strategy, please consider giving us a call first. Not only will we save you development costs but our automated insurance fulfillment platform gives customers the lowest cost of insurance anywhere – NO BULL.