Direct-to-consumer 2.0

insurance just got better

Direct-to-Consumer insurance is capturing market with customers that are shopping for better prices. Awywi presents the first and only insurance solution enabling insurers to offer customers a better than direct buying experience. The Awywi Insurance Fulfillment Platform is a cloud-based full stack insurance solution powered by RPA and Machine Learning.

The magic of the Awywi Fulfillment Platform is multi-insurer enablement. Insurers can choose to work in a shared simultaneous customer facing portal (D2C2.0) or within their own private portal, or both.

Architected from the customer out, Awywi’s Fulfillment Platform is a greenfield project never bound by legacy issues. Our sole focus is customer based insurance solutions that lower insurance costs and deliver optimal user experience through the entire policy lifecycle in Real-Time.

Awywi delivers the lowest cost and most advanced direct-to-customer insurance solutions to insurers. With a simple SaaS pricing model our partners don’t face risks including initial investments or development delays – it is just plug and play!

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better than d2c?

Why D2C2.0 Will Up Your Game

D2C2.0 leaps past the evolution of all current insurance distribution strategies. D2C2.0 improves the best features of Agency distribution including choice, independent advice and advocacy. Improves the best features of Direct distribution; lower prices, convenience and instant fulfillment. Combines them all to make D2C2.0.

Guaranteed Lower Prices

Technology developed from a complete greenfield perspective has obliterated traditional thoughts of cost and service.

Uniquely, D2C2.0 has an inherent lower cost of customer acquisition for all of our insurers. – ask us how.

100% Automation

The Awywi Direct-to-Consumer 2.0 insurance model uses process automation and artificial intelligence to automate 100% of all insurance tasks from application to issuance, policy change and renewal remarketing. – NO HUMAN TOUCH, NO COST


All of our partners use their own rates, rules and documents to deliver their own products in an entirely bespoke real-time insurance fulfillment environment. D2C2.0 promises an insurance shopping experience beyond comparison. Customers get a full multi-insurer quoting experience with the same instant real-time fulfillment from everyone.

AI Supported Advice

Our 100% digital environment uses machine learning to better match customers with products, coverages and insurers. Our insurance risk profile is unique in the industry.

Instant Fulfillment

All of Awywi’s D2C2.0 processes allow for easy instant fulfillment. From purchase to policy change with your selected insurer. A win for insurance customers as well as insurers.


Awywi provides independent advice and remarkets all accounts on every renewal. Our insurers can choose target profiles to best fit their risk appetites.

why choose awywi’s d2c2.0?

  • Lowest Cost
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Target Customer Growth

D2C2.0 customers will have lower price insurance with a superlative buying experience from our partners. Insurers that partner with Awywi can also expect…

Guaranteed Lowest Cost of Distribution

D2C2.0 offers the absolute lowest cost of distribution of any product delivered by our Awywi Insurance Fulfillment Platform. We all know that customers are price driven and nothing can deliver lower prices than dramatically reduced costs.

Lightning Quick Implementation

Our D2C2.0 platform was designed by insurance operations and current technology experts for insurance exclusively. We’ll work with your team to fully automate your products for a complete D2C2.0 solution.

Target Market Success

How well are you attracting customers you really want? Our D2C2.0 platform comes with exclusive AI tools to help you attract your target customers and keep them. The unique D2C2.0 architecture enables data analysis that other insurers have never, nor will ever experience.

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