Our Story

We know two things really well; Insurance and Technology. The problem we see is an insurance industry stubbornly clinging to the past despite amazing advances in technology and changing customer expectations. Our proof of lack of advancement is demonstrated in the aggregate industry costs (cost to administer and sell) hasn’t changed in 30 years.

We wanted to change all of that. Using the latest in technology and an idea that the customer had to come first, we built the Awywi Insurance Fulfillment Platform (IFP). The very first multi-insurer platform that allows insurers to quote, issue policies, make policy changes all in a fully automated real-time environment.

We weren’t done yet. Our experience is that the industry and customers are too hung up on price. We knew that Artificial Intelligence (partly through recommender systems) held the promise that we can deliver recommendations on coverages based upon customers own “risk profile”. Our goal was to give customers more advice based upon their own circumstances and not solely rely on price as a determining factor.

But wait, the story doesn’t end there. We observed the new emergence of all sorts of “tech” based companies, predominantly comparative raters that promised lots of quotes, and in some cases “instant issuance”. However we knew the promise was rarely more than just a promise, it was not reality. We now had one question,


Awywi’s strength is the power of automation and the savings it actually generates. So, the answer was simple for us; we can fundamentally and significantly lower prices for all insurance products sold and serviced through Awywi by dramatically reducing the cost of distribution; both administration costs and selling commissions.

Dramatically reduce the cost of distribution… by up to 30%. WE’RE BETTING NO ONE CAN BEAT THAT!

– Awywi