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Perfect Insurance for Your Business

No Commissions

No fees or commissions ever. Don’t pay Commissions which account for 20% of your annual expense on insurance.

Instant Service

Quote now, buy now, change now and renew now from the insurer of your choice – never wait again.

Best Advice

We’ll recommend the best coverages that fit your risk profile and protect your business.


You are never locked into one insurer. We remarket your insurance every year with all of our insurers.

No Commissions

Unlike other insurance websites or agents, we don’t charge retail commission or other customer fees. Commissions for most types of business insurance can be 20%. Our platform automates 100% of the process of buying insurance and passes those savings on to our customers.

We work with only the best insurers who value customers the way we do and want to lower the cost and provide instant insurance. We work together to give customers the absolute best insurance buying experience.

Our automated platform not only saves you money but time as well. If you have ever shopped online for insurance, then you have experienced the “Buy Instantly” insurance bait and switch. This is where agents and/or websites claim that you can buy insurance instantly, yet you end up answering a million questions only to be told “someone will contact you in 24 to 48 hours”.

We promise that upon successful quote or quotes, you can purchase that insurance instantly – NO BULL. Simply purchase your insurance and don’t waste your time.

No Bull

When we say “buy it now” we mean it. As with all insurance there is an application. Complete that honestly and you can purchase from any insurer that gives you a quote.

That’s it. Never fill in an application again and we’ll shop every year for your renewal. In fact, we’ll show you the commissions you aren’t paying – NO BULL.

Business Insurance Solutions

Our insurance solutions for business are unique as you are. We know that you and your business are different and that is great. We don’t sell one size fits all business insurance because you should not buy one size fits all insurance.

We collect your information up front, like any other insurance website, agent or direct insurer. Unlike those others, we do promise that you can buy and download your complete, bespoke policy instantly after getting a quote from any of our quality insurance companies we represent.

That means no waiting, no hassles and what you are quoted is what you pay. We do not charge retail commissions. Your Awywi discount on your bill will show what commission you didn’t pay. And that is NO BULL.

We have solutions to fit almost any retail, office, contractor or farm. If you have a group or want us to look at other types of insurance let us know.

We offer groups additional discounts and tools to attract more members including a custom web plug in. We’ll help you grow and save your members tons on annual insurance premiums with the best insurers. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial Group Insurance Request
Traditional to nontraditional groups get More Benefits as well as saving members more money

About us

We started Awywi with a goal of giving business insurance customers what they want. In fact the name Awywi [a-ˈ(h)wī-wē] not only comes from one of the greatest rock songs of 1980, it is an acronym for “Any Way You Want It”.

The overwhelming priority for insurance shoppers is finding the best price. This is not our guess, we have experience as insurance agents and insurance buyers. There is a reason why you’ll never hear anyone say “I wish I paid more for insurance”.

Our solution was to automate 100% of the process of insurance distribution, which costs insurance customers 30% of their annual insurance premium in North America. This is an industry aggregated cost, so that includes both direct-to-customer insurers and agency insurers. Manual processes (for both insurers and agents) account for roughly 80% of those annual distribution costs.

Ultimately we found that we could save business customers the commissions they pay to insurance agents & brokers. Our automation platform can quote almost any commercial product in minutes for multiple insurers. Any successful quote can be instantly purchased and a full policy download available upon purchase.

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