Insurance Fulfilled.

Introducing Awywi’s Insurance Fulfillment Platform. A 100% automated full stack multi-insurer D2C market platform.
Sell more, save more and delight customers!

Lower Costs

100% of all distribution tasks from underwriting through policy delivery are automated. Currently over 70% of all distribution costs are related to automatable manual tasks and friction between stakeholders.

Customer Experience

Give customers an unparalleled insurance shopping experience. Fewer questions, AI driven recommendations and instant fulfillment of all processes including policy change will delight customers. All this and lower prices, too.

Customer Acquisition

Leveraging popular brands to attract new customers who are now shopping and switching more. Competitive prices and the best customer purchase experience will enhance new customer growth as well as retention.

How We Can Help

The Awywi Insurance Fulfillment Platform can be easily implemented with with any popular brand to increase customer lifetime value and further engage customers on a year over year basis.

Our market platform offers a 100% Real-Time experience for all insurance coverages. By automating the complex insurance process customers can save 25% or more on annual insurance costs.

Our products can range from simple embedded insurance products like warranty to more engaging insurance products like home or auto to business insurance. The advantage is that customers can get exactly what they want, when the want it and at the price they want.

Group and affinity solutions have grown out of a single insurer relationship which limits choice and savings. The initial sale is the focus, rather than the long term relationship. Don’t put your valuable customers in the renewal trap of spiraling insurance increases.


Awywi provides complete insurance packages tailored to your requirements.

Whether you are an individual or a group we can help save you time and money.

You can buy insurance where and when you want to buy it.

Top Brands

Engage your customers and increase your Customer Lifetime Value with our Insurance Fulfillment Platform.

It has never been easier to embed insurance products to maximize your brand value and save customers money on insurance.

Got a great idea, we’ll work with you!


Today’s customers are shopping and switching insurers with greater frequency. They are seeking lower prices and a better buying experience.

We provide a direct-to-consumer 2.0 experience that surpasses all other forms of distribution. You can reach new customers and customer segments more affordably and quicker than ever imagined.


Our exclusive insurance platform technology works as no other for reinsurers.

Real-Time risk information is only the beginning. The future is portfolio risk control to alternative risk transfer methods and de-risking solutions.

Use your imagination and come grow with us!

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About Us

We started Awywi to overcome the burden of inefficiency that plagues the insurance industry. A burden borne by customers in the form of high prices and low service levels. This leaves insurance shoppers having to choose between better service or lower prices.

We built our Insurance Fulfillment Platform to give insurance shoppers the best prices, service and insurance…

“Any Way You Want It!”